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One Betegy product. Two brands.  Hundreds of personalised content options.

About our partnership and product

Our product platform provides operators with their own brand style, SM content, and live data, as well as an interconnected system of landing pages and banners in multiple languages… and more!

Social media  module

Instantly create static images to post on the leading social media platforms. Use the templates to create the correct sized image, with user-friendly personalised content, in just 5 seconds!

Banners  module

It is possible to create dozens of event-based banners with live odds within just 20 seconds. All banners include tracking, live date and event-based teams’ identification. Banners always,under any circumstances, display the most relevant content. It’s possible to change the banners instantly, even when it’s already live.

Landing pages  module

Preparing a landing page will take you just 10 seconds. It is interconnected with banners relating to the chosen event(s), CTA, registration and available bonuses… personalise it to make it yours!

Widgets  module

Use automatically sized widgets with event-based live odds, corresponding to the teams’ identity, to add life to your platform


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