Favbet has been efficiently and reliably operating in the European market since 1999.
Favbet always seeks to meet the expectations of more than 250,000
of their long-term customers
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Social media content for any event
1x2 Match Winner
Next Matches
Previous Games
Live Goal
League Table
League Top Scorer
Unique banners system
The user can create a limitless number
of banners in all formats within just a few seconds

Affiliate managers can instantly
update the events on assets throughout the
whole banner network in use.
Live widgets
Now Favbet can create live widgets on a scale
One can select events and various data points
from 20+ different templates
All the displayed data is live and is updated
every 10 seconds
All widgets are auto-scalable, and there is
no need to set the size manually
Automatically generated videos
Realized Features
Automatic generation
The content is produced instantly and
in one click. No designer needed
Creation of the content in any language
for all supported regions
Social integration
Automatic direct posting of visuals
to social media channels
Generation of the relevant, personalized
sports content for every user
Geo detection
Dynamic adjustment of the content
based on the geolocation
Affiliate access
Specific access rights for every group
of users, partners and affiliates
types of content
data points