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BETEGY is a leading marketing provider that enables companies in the igaming and sports betting industries to create data-driven personalized scalable display advertising campaigns in digital, retail and broadcast domains.
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BETEGY provides betting operators and global media companies with analytics and data visualization by generating data-driven, personalized content for digital marketing, retail and broadcasting.
Generate UP TO 1000+ PIECES personalized digital media with a single click
engage your client with vivid personalized graphics in your BETTING storeS
Enhance your streams with AUTOMATED engaging motion graphics
Industry leaders choose BETEGY
“Betegy is an all-in-one solution that if properly planned and designed, can transform graphics and data overnight: graphics with data that might’ve taken hours to assemble took seconds. The software is intuitive and easy to use and makes production seamless.”
Dan Gati / SVP of Production, PokerGO
“When we first faced the challenge of scaling multiple marketing technologies to our global markets, there was no off-the-shelf solution that could deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, whilst being integrated into our existing tech stack. Since then, the BETEGY team have been on call and closely working with us to develop a solution which ticks all the boxes.”
Justin Le Brocque / Head of Marketing, Sportsbet.io
“Thanks to Betegy we get automatically created up-to-date content with our odds on a daily basis. This content is centrally controlled by us and is provided to our Social Media Channels and to all our betting terminals in more than 1,300 Tipico Shops. This caters for a unique user experience for our customers whilst at the same time the underlying process allows us to work even more efficiently.”
Mario Gerhard / Account Manager Marketing / Brand, Tipico
“BETEGY has mastered the art of absorbing raw data in APIs and converting that data to turnkey, user-friendly graphics that can be used by anyone across the entire sports ecosystem. They are a must-have partner if you are looking to transform your data into a deliverable commercial product. We could not be happier with the doors they have opened for us.”
Jason Tilton / VP Corporate Development, ShotTracker
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